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The Most Comfortable Dress Shoes You'll Ever Put On


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Theurgy Shoes are a comfortable alternative to traditional dress shoes. They're ultra light, flexible and breathable - in short, they feel like your favourite sneakers! 

This technology makes Theurgy Shoes unique

•  Patented New Outsole

•  New Ultra light Rubber Sheet

•  New Ultra Soft, Shock Absorption Lining

•  New High Elastic Hands-free Shoelace

•  All Around Comfortable and Soft Surface

•  Removable Shock Absorption and Anti-sweat Footbed

•  Anti Slip Outsole


The result: a shoe that fits perfectly from the very first moment. Experience sneaker comfort in a men’s or women's dress shoe.

Footwear Testings

See what footwear testings we have done on Theurgy Shoes.